Xinmin Alumni Choir #Justblogjacking

Hello :D

#Justblogjacking. This is for any one who sees this (possibly an ex-chorale member looking to reminiscence the past by searching "Xinmin Chorale" on google and coming across this post).

I guess I would be fate then that brought you here :).

Xinmin Alumni Choir (version 2, I just realised that there was a Xinmin Alumni Choir in 1999 and am trying to find more information about it).
If you want to join us do join us here, no matter what batch you are, we welcome you :D. Currently the alumni spans from members from 2001 to 2011.

If you want to join our mailing list of which we will inform you of happenings, events and XMAC assignments.
Send your particulars/queries
Name, Batch, Section, HPno, email, Latest committee post.
to We will contact you ASAP :)

As of date of post, XMAC is working on a Melizo V performance segment. XMAC plans to be an active group that will do its best to last for as long XMC exists. Do join us if you see this! Hope to see you... sometime soon :D.

Thank you for reading this.

Nicholas Lim
Batch of 2009
XMAC coordinator

Blog moved

Hey choir

For easier organisation of posts and for the benefit of a neater blog to search for posts and any available resources, I have decided to move to

Rest assured, the blog will be regularly updated, and do read the blog for any updates, administrative or otherwise.


Altos' Xiao Cao Recordings

Hi Choir!

This post only applies to the altos actually. Here are your recordings for Xiao Cao, altos:

Section C

Section F

Section G

Section H

Sorry for posting them so late! Been really busy!

Anyway, enjoy your holidays and don't forget to continue to do your best for choir:)


Tenors: Error in Xiao Cao Recordings


This is a message for all Tenors:

For the recordings of Xiao Cao (小草) , there is a minor error for Section C-D (I think).
Tzu Ning will tell all of you what the error is tomorrow during sectionals.



Xiao Cao Recordings

Hi Choir!

I'm uploading the recordings for Xiao Cao this time. I will upload the altos' some other time because Yun Qian and I have been quite busy lately, sorry:) And sorry basses, once again, I don't know what are your bar numbers.


bar 29-37

bar 53-61(1st part)

bar 61(2nd part)-70(1st part)

bar 70(2nd part)-78









That's all I've got! Let's do our best for choir! :)


Kaleidescope II Song Recordings

Hey choir! :)

I have finally uploaded all! (although I doubt that any of you will read this before tomorrow's choir practice) Sorry for the long wait! And sorry for the crackling sounds in the background. I re-recorded them. Here they are (with reference to the bar numbers) :


bar 16-17

bar 24-29

bar 30-34

bar 36-40

bar 41-44

bar 45-48

bar 49-52

bar 52-54

bar 55-56

bar 57-58

bar 59-63


bar 9-17

bar 21-32

bar 32-37

bar 38-44

bar 45-48

bar 49-54

bar 55-56

bar 57-64


bar 13-17

bar 20-25

bar 26-32

bar 34-40

bar 41-52

bar 53-end


I'm not so sure about the bar numbers for bass. Sorry.

Ya, that's all! Do your best for choir okay?! Remember what Mrs Yeap said, we are to surprise Mr Yong when he comes back next week. Jia you! :)


Earth Song by Frank Ticheli


OMG, it's finally time to revive this blog! D:

I finally remembered to post a video of the Earth Song by Frank Ticheli here. :D So if you're too lazy to go Youtube to find a video, or there are too many to choose from, here's the one I went to listen to. I think they're awesome! :O

your slightly insane VP
Sherry :D